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¿Os suena la grafomotricidad?

¿Os suena la grafomotricidad?

28 Abril 2022

Es algo tan importante como básico. Se trata de un término referido al movimiento gráfico realizado con la mano al escribir o al dibujar. El desarrollo grafomotriz del niño tiene como objetivo fundamental completar y potenciar el desarrollo psicomotor a través de diferentes actividades, dibujar en la arena, realizar trazos horizontales o verticales, pintar en una pizarra o simplemente colorear una plantilla. Es importante estar al día y conocer las últimas tendencias en educación infantil, pero no podemos olvidar la importancia de saber sostener un lápiz.

In times when education is becoming more and more important, even for small children, and when everything is becoming more digital, there is an increasing risk that children will no longer master the basics properly. Things like holding a pen properly and getting a feel for what it feels like to write will probably never lose importance. I don’t know if you have ever heard about the term graphomotricity, because this term describes exactly these graphic actions with the hand that you use when writing and drawing. So the aim of these movements and actions is to complete and enhance psychomotor development. As mentioned before, there are a lot of different variations of activities that are part of it and fundamentally promote exactly this development of the child. Examples for that can be things like drawing in the sand, making horizontal or vertical lines, painting on a blackboard or simply coloring a template. So it doesn’t really matter what exactly they are doing, but it is important for them to get a feeling with many different activities, as each one is very unique.

With that being said, we at CEI Monkey know the importance of being up to date in early childhood education, but in our opinion the basics just like those things like holding a pen properly and generally preparing the kids to write should be promoted too.


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